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photoresist roller coating machine

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Photoresist roller coating machine

  • 1, This double-sided photosensitive ink coating machine can double coating at the same time with uniform coated layer and high efficiency.
    2, Ink can be recycled from the waste ink tank by filter pump, Energy saving and environmental protection.
    3, Imported Coating rubber with special layer coated materials, Effect and long life.

  • Main technical parameter:
  • Power: 0.75KW/220V/50HZ
    Maximum Coating width:630mm (730/830/1100)
    Working thickness: 0.2 to 8mm
    Roller Qty:2 pcs
    Coated ink thickness: 0.01 to 0.022mm(adjustable)
    Coating speed: 0.5 to 6m/min
    Conveyor type: rubber roll
    Pumping way: circulation pump supply
    Weight: 450kg
    Packing size :H1100*W1100*H1000mm

  • Photoresist roller coating machine,Photosensitive ink coating machine,Photo Resist Coating system for metal sheet
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Photoresist roller coating machine video

1100mm width Photoresist roller coating machine video

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