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IR conveyor belt drying system

    photo chemical Etching Machine for PCB

IR conveyor belt drying system

  • Far infrared drying machine Widely used in hardware, packaging, electronics, leather, coating, plastic, food and other industries. It has the advantages of fast heating, even heating, and can be used to produce continuous baking products with workshop assembly line. The baking temperature, conveying speed and time can be adjusted according to production requirements. It can greatly improve the production efficiency and is very convenient to use.
  • Structure and conveying mode:
    1. order to meet the requirements of various industries, the conveying mode can be designed as follows:
    ● Stainless steel mesh belt + machine chain
    ● Machine chain wears stainless steel support
    ● Teflon high temperature fiber belt
    ● PVC belt, etc.
    2.The heating method can be designed as:
    ●Electric heating + wind
    ●Infrared radiation heating
    Main technical parameter:
    Model: GE-FID500
    Temperature:RT to 120°C
    Temperature control accuracy: ±1%℃
    Temperature uniformity: ±3℃ (upper, middle and lower heating furnace test)
    Drying size:500mm in width, Length is unlimited(order according customer's require)
    Drying type: Far infrared drying machine
    This Far infrared drying Machine is for drying photoresist ink and printing ink use . It could finish drying double side one time .
  • conveyor belt drying system,IR Continuous Belt Dryer,Hot air conveyor Dryer for drying printing painting,ink ,solder mask use.

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