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photo chemical Etching Machine

    photo chemical Etching Machine for PCB

Photo Chemical Etching Machine

  • ① photo chemical Etching machine for double-sided PCB or multi layer PCB or copper etching uses with high precision .
  • ②This chemical engraving machine Can be chemical milling TV shadow masks, Grids, shims, Washers, sieves, meshes, SMT, choppers, encoder, disks and so on.
  • The machine can use Ferric chloride solution for etching work.
  • The machine can also use Copper chloride solution for PCB etching work.
    photo chemical Etching Machine for PCB

Main technical parameter:

  • Model:GE-SWD9
    Working width:650mm
    Working height:850mm (+/50mm adjust)
    Min / Max board size:120*80mm / 500*500mm
    Etching system:Double Spray with Oscillate system
    Workpiece thickness:0.2~3.2mm
    Working Temperature:35~55 ℃
    Conveyor Speed:0.5~6m/min
    Heater/Cooling Pipe :Titanium Pipe
    Machine dimension :12500*1700*1850mm
    Automatic Control System: Working Speed Adjust system/ Pressure Adjust System/ Temperature control System/ High temperature (up to 100) resists German PP material
  • Process flow: Load → Etching1,2 → Etching3,4 → Pressure Water rinse → City Water rinse→ Checking →Stripping1,2 → Pressure Washing → City Water Washing → Blot Up → Cold & Hot Dry → Unload
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