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Flexible Cutting Die Etching equipment

    Flexible Cutting Die Etching equipment

how to make Flexible Cutting Die?

  • Flexible Cutting Dies Etching Machine is a photoengraving machines for Steel or high-carbon steel plate mold pretreating etching to advance following engraving processing. After etching, the cutting knife-edge and knife depth is etched out. Then the following CNC engraving Knife sharpening works is easy and fast. It can save lots of unnecessary cost compare to use CNC engraving to working completely.
  • Process flow:
    Coating photoresist--Drying--Exposure--Developing--Etching--Stripping--CNC engraving--Harding

Describe the process of using these machine to make flexible cutting die

Step 1 : Cut the material to the required size.
Here, the thickness of flexible die plate is generally not more than 0.8mm, So it's OK to use this pedal type plate cutter,Manual metal shearing machine .It is easy to operate, easy to maintain and cheap.
If the thickness of the cutting die material is more than 1mm and less than 3mm, an electric plate shears is required. Electric metal shearing Machine

Step 2 : apply photosensitive ink on the surface of the cut plate.
If the production volume is small, you can use spray gun to spray ink, or Use manual silk screen printing.
If the production volume is large, a coater can be used. photoresist coating machine

Step 3 : drying the photosensitive ink
The temperature is about 80 degrees, and you can bake it in the oven for 10 minutes. hot air baking oven industry

Step 4 : use the UV exposure machine to expose the graphics
Using a UV exposure machine, the exposure time is about 30 seconds. UV Vacuum Exposure Unit for making Screens

Step 5 : developing
If the production volume is very small, manual development is ok.
If the production is large, it is faster and cleaner to use the spray developer.

Step 6 : use the etching machine to Carve out unnecessary parts.
Usually etched with ferric chloride,Flexible Cutting Die Etching Machine

Step 7 : Using CNC to carve the blade

Step 8 : hardening the cutting die
The first way is nickel plating. nickel plating tank for cutting die
The Second way is laser hardening.