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Hot air baking oven industry

    Hot air baking oven industry

Hot air baking oven for printing industry

  • Hot air baking oven Widely used in hardware, packaging, electronics, leather, coating, plastic,PCB,PRINTING and other industries.
  • Structural overview:
    The equipment is mainly composed of: cabinet, heating system, air circulation system and control system.
    Main technical parameter:
    Model: GE-H9 | GE-H4
    Power:9kw/380V | 4KW/220V
    Temperature:RT to 260°C
    Temperature control accuracy: ±1%℃
    Temperature uniformity: ±2℃ (upper, middle and lower heating furnace test)
    Drying size:600*800*1000mm | 600*800*800mm
    Drying type: hot air circulation drying machine
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