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Automatic PCB deburring Machine

    PCB deburring Machine

Automatic PCB deburring Machine

  • This PCB deburring machine is a semi-automatic grinding machine for double board to be deburred after drilling. Dry grinding plate, remove dust and cool by air. Abrasive band for leveling copper wire and protrusion to reduce scratches between boards.
  • Apply For :
    1.board leveling after drilling.
    2.Remove burrs after drilling.
    3.Reduce copper thickness after electroplating.
    4.Remove copper particles from electroplating.
    5. Remove glue residue. 6.Remove copper oxidation.
  • Features: : Dry grinding,Ring type dust system,Centralized dust collector,Belt type transmission structure
  • Main technical parameter:
  • Model :GE-Deb620
    Machine size:1520x1030x1210mm
    Net weight:250kg
    Transmission speed:2-12m/min  adjustable
    Main shaft speed:4000r/min   adjustable
    Power:3kw AC380V 50Hz
    Production size Max: 620x650mm /Min : 300x300mm
    Production thickness:0.6-2.4mm
    Material collecting way:Elevation type collecting device, or single axis robot trigger.(Optional)
    Photoelectric response:Blower automaticlly stop when material ran out
    Grinding quantity control:Adjust spindle up and down, and adjust voltmeter

  • PCB deburring machine,deburring and Finishing machine for printed circuit board
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Single side PCB Deburring Machine VIDEO

Double side PCB Deburring Machine VIDEO