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Flexible Cutting Die Etching Machine

    Flexible Cutting Die Etching machine Cutting Die&rotary tooling Etching machine

Flexible Cutting Die Etching machine

  • Features: flexible Cutting Dies Etching Machine is a chemcial etching machines for Steel or high-carbon steel plate mold pretreating etching to advance following engraving processing.
    After etching, the cutting knife-edge and knife depth is etched out. Then the following CNC engraving Knife sharpening works is easy and fast. It can save lots of unnecessary cost compare to use CNC engraving to working completely.
  • Process flow:
    Coating photoresist--Drying--Exposure--Developing--Etching--Stripping--CNC engraving--Harding
  • Main technical parameter:
    DB5060 Cutting Dies Etching machine
    Power: 5.5kw/380V
    Etching size: 500*600mm
    Out size: 1850*1500*1550mm
    Control system: Temperature, Speed, Pressure, Network Filter

Chemical etched flexible cutting die rotary tooling

    etched flexible cutting die etched flexible cutting die rotary tooling
    etched cutting die for Label

how to produce cutting die? Show the etching process for cutting die